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Artist Statement


My dream was, and remains, to be an artist who not just makes a living from my work but also has an impact on those that view my work. I was into art from an early age and was inspired and supported by my family, especially my sister. That support continued through my studies in arts in Cagliari.


Surrealism is my passion and for me there is not another artistic movement able to capture the reality and issues of the world with the use of fantasy and dream like images.


I usually don’t set out to produce artworks about particular themes but prefer to allow my free thoughts to develop a view of social and cultural issues which I can hold up for the world to see and judge. I try to deconstruct dreams and adult culture.


Often people seem curious to know the meanings of my paintings and I am reluctant to discuss this, preferring the viewer to develop their own interpretation based on their own life experience and views of the painting. In this way it is personal to them and a more intimate experience.


Through the art I always explore my inner world and invite the viewer to use my art to explore their own inner worlds. I try to bring its energy into my everyday life, for me it is everything. I live and breathe my art, and I hope to reflect this in my work and share it with the viewer.




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