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Happiness Exhibition, 22-26, London, 8th Nov - 20th Dec 2012

A group of 16 emerging and established artists is taking over the coffee shop space until Christmas.

The "Happiness" group show presents works by intriguing audio-visual performers, photographers, painters, conceptual artists, sculptors and video artists.

Just before the Joly Christmas time they are exploring a subject matter of happiness delivering interesting material for gifts for the beloved ones.

Participating artists:


PHOTOGRAPHY : Charlene Lam ; Mariella Roos ; Victoria Erdelevskaya,

PAINTING: Amanda Holiday ; Anna Laurini ; Marta Lapillo ; Philip Firsov ; Pinkhead ; Sheena Teiffel GRAPHIC: Klaus Pinter

CONCEPTUAL ART: Katherine Wyatt

VIDEO ART: Marianna Pavlou DRAWING: Rachel Wrigley

PULP WORK: Irma Irsara All works on show are for sale.

Come and enjoy a positive creativity....!

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